Huw Lemmey at Evening Class

For the final night of the Evening Class' module based – loosely – on 'new forms of political graphic design', we were pleased to be joined by Huw Lemmey. He talked about his own writing practice, how it relates to cities, read a couple of his soon-to-be published texts and reflected on how this material could be used for political imagery (or graphic design).

Some other things that came up during discussion to was why he now calls this type of work Gay Urbanism instead of Queer Urbanism, the work of architect Herbert Muschamp and the differences when viewing the city via an App (Grindr in this case) as opposed to usual street level exploration. We stopped to recording to transition into a more 'off record' discussion where Huw gave some insight into some of his involvement with political graphic design and his views on publishing. For more information on the former visit the Deterritorial Support Group website.

Huw is a radical author and publisher based in London. His published work includes 'Chubz: the Demonization of my Working Arse' (Montez Press) and 'Confirmed Pigfucker, Political Poems by Spitzenprodukte' from his own Vile Troll Books.

(Listen to the recording here)