MilesKm / Art Licks roundtable discussion

Evening Class were invited to join a roundtable discussion with other collective practices from around London, as part of Art Licks weekend.

The discussion focused on the idea of truce: “How can individuals and communities negotiate towards equitable and mutually supportive co-existence?”

We spoke about surviving on the peripheries, establishing alternative working practices and how grassroots spaces and projects are addressing precarity with alternative support networks based on collaboration, exchange and care.


PACTO is an international alliance of artists, artistic researchers and writers, gathered to discuss and explore collectivity, and to support one another's individual endeavors. They are based in New York, London, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Porto & Milan.

:pillow a soft and comfortable duo, composed by Alessandro Moroni & Giulia Ratti, aiming to support artists’ stay in the art world, by making it more pleasant. They are based in Milan.

Cristina Vasilescu is a curator who has worked in different collectives, took part in Vessel Curatorial Workshop around the notion of para-institutionalism, organised a talk around infrastructures, love and practices of care in independent art spaces at the ICA, London and co-runs clearview.

MilesKm is a series of experiments encouraging international collaboration, exchange and learning, while also being a sustained practice driven research project. They are based in London.



Posted by: Gemma Copeland