What (price) do we pay to work in architecture?

We worked with the newly formed group Workers' Inquiry: Architecture to design the visual language for a series of meetings that aim to critically assess working conditions within the architectural profession.

In parallel to this series of events, Evening Class are reflecting on the conditions of graphic design work, and aim to broaden the dabate to include a wide variety of work across the cultural and creative sectors. We will be hosting an event on June 14 as part of Antiuniversity which aims to generate ideas and strategies to empower workers.


Responding to recent calls for unionisation, this is the first in a series of worker-to-worker meetings bringing together all those employed in the architectural industry to provoke, discuss and rework the profession. It will be a safe space for collectively organising around industrial issues, be they underpay, overwork, precarity, statutory minimums, discrimination, harassment, access and ethics.

This first meeting will focus on the cost of working in architecture, be it the fee(s) of professional accreditation, the toll on your mental health, or effects on your personal life.

We are forming a community to survey the industry from within, and radically change the terms of our employment. We aim to shape architectural practice for the workers, and in the interests of those impacted by architectural work.

This series will be structured around the key questions we all want to voice and answer; using workshops and open discussion to let our personal working experiences inform collective strategies for resistance and action!

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And look out for further details about our Anti-university event on June 14.