ACID CORBYNISM: Will Stronge and Matthew Phull

Mark Fisher remarked that Acid Communism was a ‘joke with a serious intention’. Acid Corbynism began as a jokey modification of that joke. Its own serious intention was to help think through the relationship between post-capitalist desire, cultural experimentation and our own contemporary political moment. How might Corbynism create the conditions for new cultural forms for example? Or how might the Corbyn moment help cultivate forms of utopian consciousness capable of replacing our depressing economic system with a society of universal abundance.

These are just some of the questions that Acid Corbynism seeks to address. It is not a fixed ideology but rather a concept in collective formation.

Please join us at Evening Class to share your thoughts on what it might become. Begins 7.30pm on Tuesday 27th February

Will Stronge is a researcher in Politics and Philosophy at the University of Brighton and an Associate Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Chichester.

Matthew Phull is an independent researcher and activist. He co-wrote ‘Acid Corbynism’s next steps: building a socialist dance culture’ with Will Stronge.

Listen back to the talk on our mixcloud.

Posted by: Margherita Huntley