Dependent on Experience

Dependent On Experience (Tales for an Accelerated Workforce)
Thursday 15 June 2017
7:30-10pm @Evening Class – Aberfeldy St

Evening Class are looking for talented, versatile, brilliant, articulate, inventive and inquisitive individuals to share their working experiences for an exciting new up coming event.

We’re a small outfit with big ambitions looking to build our network, so you’ll get a real opportunity to express your ideas and thoughts on what it’s really like to work in the cultural capital. What were your expectations? Did this face up with the reality? We want your communication skills, both verbal and written, to form the basis of our peer-to-peer reflections.

Evening class will facilitate a group discussion reflecting on shared experiences of work.

Confirmed participants:

Precarious Workers Brigade
Architectural Workers
Rosalie Schweiker
4 Day Week Campaign
As part of Anti University Now

We are looking for stories and experiences (good or bad) from a range of cultural institutions, studios, self-employment, freelancing, interning etc. These can either be presented in person at the event, or submitted beforehand to be read out anonymously by members of Evening Class.

These stories will provide a departure point for a broad discussion focusing on the current labour climate of the creative industrial complex.

Please get in touch and submit your recent or current work experiences to info@evening-class.org


Precarious Workers Brigade
Training for Exploitation

David Fyrne
The Refusal of Work

Isabell Lorey
Prevarication, indebtedness, giving time

Graphic design [unpaid] internship
Collecting information about graphic design companies and how much they pay their interns, submitted by anonymous past interns.

Precarity Pilot
Resource dealing with issues faced by precarious designers

Young people’s co-operative agency based in London

David Chandler
All Work and No Pay: creative industries freelancers are exploited

Allan Yu

Martha Rosler
Why are people being so nice?

Silvio Lorusso
What is the Entreprecariat?

Autonomy Institute
Fact Sheets:
Work and Gender
Debt and Wage Stagnation
Precarious Work