Book Launch: ‘Training for Exploitation? Politicising Employability and Reclaiming Education’ by Precarious Workers Brigade

Join us on 1 February 2017, 7pm at Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road King's Cross , London N1 9DX, where we will be celebrating the latest publication by the Precarious Workers Brigade (PWB). Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase. All welcome!

We started to design the book around Summer 2016 and from then it has been an ongoing collaboration with PWB, one that has seen various delays as we progressed. But, it is now finally complete and has been sent to print. The project was in many ways a test for us at Evening Class to see how we can work together collectively – the resulting book can be viewed as a substantial and tangible outcome of that shared labour. As usual, we aim to be as transparent as possible, so we have contributed a written section as part the book that comments on the overall project, the different approaches used by us when working on it and the natural problems that can arise from organising something like this as a large group.

The 96pp 240x170mm book has a print run of 1000 copies, is published / distributed by Journal of Aesthetics & Protest and a free PDF version will be available online here: https://www.joaap.org/press/trainingforexploitation.htm

— Evening Class

"Join Precarious Workers Brigade and the book’s designers, Evening Class, for a launch celebration and preview of the new publication Training for Exploitation? Politicising Employability and Reclaiming Education.

With a foreword by Silvia Federici and published by the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Press, Training for Exploitation? is a critical resource pack for educators teaching employability, ‘professional practice’ and work-based learning.

This publication provides a pedagogical framework that assists students and others in deconstructing dominant narratives around work, employability and careers, and explores alternative ways of engaging with work and the economy. Training for Exploitation? includes tools for critically examining the relationship between education, work and the cultural economy. It provides useful statistics and workshop exercises on topics such as precarity, employment rights, cooperation and solidarity, as well as examples of alternative educational and organising practices. Training for Exploitation? shows how we can both critique and organise against a system that is at the heart of the contemporary crises of work, student debt and precarity.

Precarious Workers Brigade (PWB) are a UK-based group of precarious workers in culture and education. We call out in solidarity with all those struggling to make a living in this climate of instability and enforced austerity. Our praxis springs from a shared commitment to developing research and actions that are practical, relevant and easily shared and applied. If putting an end to precarity is the social justice we seek, our political project involves developing tactics, strategies, formats, practices, dispositions, knowledges and tools for making this happen."

— Precarious Workers Brigade