The Revised Body – Evening Class Bulletin 003

Italian Graphic Design Magazine 'Progetto Grafico' asked Evening Class to contribute to the Spring 17 issue 'Around the body' edited by Jonathan Pierini, Claude Marzotto and Silvia Sfligiotti. It was an occasion for us to inspect our own collective body, to look at it and recognise its current state.

The double-page spread, written and designed by members of Evening Class will be available as a PDF download when the issue is published. Until then, we present some images of the process.

"The following text is a result of a group discussion between Evening Class members, thinking about our activities and how they are shaped through the use of a collective body.
What we realised is a lot of what we produce has no tangible outcome – bits are recorded using various methods, there is a record in our mind and the rest becomes ether..."