Self-organisation at Goldsmiths

Evening Class at the talk ‘Self-Organisation’ by Janna Graham, Paolo Plotegher, Manuela Zechner, chaired by Manuel Ramos at Goldsmiths.

“Self-organisation is becoming an increasingly important tool for empowerment under the conditions of the Neo Liberal management of knowledge production which have depoliticised education while stressing the pragmatics of employment as its only outcome.

In this session Janna Graham (Centre for Possible Studies), Manuela Zechner (murmurae, Barcelona) and Paolo Plotegher (New Cross Commoners, London) share their experiences, questions and problems with regards to self-organisation and its relation to educational, artistic and political institutions.

As boundaries dissolve between teaching, researching and articulating concerns, as definitions of practice expand and mutate – we wish to pay attention to the permissions granted us by such changes. As we self-institute and self authorize in the face of new formats of research, study and practice - how do our permissions come about, are they immanent to fields of study or authorised by the urgent issues of the day?"

Series curated by: Irit Rogoff, Manuel Ramos and Susan Schuppli