Take Care Because We Care

On 23 November , Comet Radio hosted a very special live (work themed) broadcast from Evening Class. Listen here.


About Take Care Because We Care:
We answer calls and emails from an extended crowd, love letters read out live, work issues discussed in a safe but critical environment. Establishing a series of shows that can take care and support us all.


Comet radio, a radio station broadcasting (usually) from our house, which sits between Deptford High Street and Comet Street.

Comets paths are eccentric in relation to the Sun in the most amazing ways possible. We imagine our radio stations flight path will be just as irregular, haphazard and open to collision. In this way, we invite you to get in touch, or maybe we will contact you… The best way to keep up to date with our irregular transmissions is by joining our mailing list.

Stay tuned for details of the next possible sighting!


Posted by: Christopher Lacy