Evening Class is a self-organised design education experiment; a flexible environment where participants can cultivate common interests, develop their research and collectively shape the class’s agenda.

Participants reflect on their practices in wider cultural, social and political contexts and work closely with London’s different landscapes. They create their own audience, learn from it and engage with it.

The process of the group’s evolution is transparent: Evening Class intends to make the programme’s materials and references accessible to a wider audience.

The curation of the classes takes many forms and explores different themes. Speakers and mentors are invited in relation to the current programme.


For any questions please write to:
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The programme currently consists of around 20 participants from different educational and cultural backgrounds, who form an active and collaborative partnership.


Evening Class started with the intention to select twelve people from a group of applicants who responded to an open call. The first person would choose the second, the second would choose the third, and so on. We quickly realised that if our intention was to challenge the selection processes of conventional education structures, then we should begin with the (non-)admissions procedure. It was then decided to accept everyone who applied and we began as a group of twenty people.

If you are interested in joining the group, email us at or come along on a Thursday. All our Thursday evening talks and readings are free and open to the public.


Evening Class takes place twice per week, on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. It is currently located at 48 Aberfeldy Street, Poplar, E14 0NU with occasional meetings in other locations.

The shop has wide double doors and a small step into the space. Unfortunately we don't have an accessible toilet.


Evening Class is a self-supporting group. The expenses are decided collectively and fluctuate in accordance with the group’s needs. At the moment they amount to £35 a month each. Donate