Evening Class asks La Foresta asks Evening Class

Last year we began an ongoing collaboration with La Foresta in Rovereto. We visited them again this September to work on a few different projects.

We co-created a small newsletter, to be published in the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest next year. Read it here.

We ran a short workshop on peer-to-peer, do-it-yourself and small scale technologies, and how they might be used in the context of La Foresta's community space. Slides are here.

We also set up a local wireless network in the space, which allows people who are nearby to connect, talk to each other and share files.

Project documentation:
Research channel:

It is always a joy to spend time in Rovereto with the community of La Foresta. We're excited to watch the project develop, and very happy to continue to play a small part in this.