Book Launch and Lecture Performances: ‘Performance Society’ by Books From The Future

Organised as part of the current class on Performance and Performing Identities we are pleased to be joined by Books From The Future.

6th July 7.30pm
@Evening Class – Aberfeldy St

Performance Society

Curated by Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees
with lecture performances by:

Claude Marzotto and Maia Sambonet (Milan)
‘The Nose Theory & Other Masks’
NY City, 1967. The Italian director Sergio Zavoli and his troupe meet Saul Steinberg in his Manhattan apartment. As the conversation unfolds across the rooms, the illustrator engages a subtle play with graphic materials – paper, drawing and photos – to constantly question and shape his own identity in front of his interlocutors.

Tom Joyes (Glasgow)
‘Performing Truth: Non-Fiction-Science-Fiction’
Non-Fiction-Science-Fiction is a genre that aims to be documentary, speculative and highly aesthetic at the same time. How does this combination produce a convincing science-fiction through the performance of truth? And to what extent does the designer have an obligation to tell the truth in a time of slippery subjects and uncertain sources?

Franek Wardyński (London)
‘Invasive Species 3.0’
In 1930, Oswald de Andrade articulated the concept of Cultural Cannabalism with the intention of subsuming foreign cultures under a Brazilian identity in what he called ‘poetry for export’. As our contemporary culture feeds off itself, the question of poetry remains…


‘Performance Society’ is a compilation of critical and performance writing on Performance.

Experience has moved to the centre of cultural, economic and political action. Technology, its catalyst. Fantasies, Feelings and Fun, its currency. Postdigital selves enact the Aesthetics of Existence. Art as Life. Work as Play. Sign as Reality. Welcome to Performance Society.

Contributors: Vicky Carr, Jack Clarke, Karolina Cialkaite, Loes Claessens, Georgia Cranstoun, Josiah Craven, William Fairbrother, Jurate Gacionyte, Léa Gallon, Paul Haworth, Lars Høie, Tom Joyes, Halima Olalemi, Elisa Raciti, Jacob Rowlinson, Alberto Ruiz Soler, Tereza Ruller, Oliver Smith, Kirsten Spruit, Merve Ünsal, Bryce Wilner

Edited and designed by Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees
Published by Books From the Future, June 2017
Risograph printed in an edition of 250; 290pp; 130x195mm