The Weather Underground, screening

Every few months our curation groups take responsibility for creating their own course, choosing the Thursday evening activity for the whole group. These often take the form of reading a book (or a chapter of a book) on the current theme, screening relevant films or hosting discussions. Several members are currently organising a political graphic design curation group. On 09/02/17 we screened 'The Weather Underground' (2002) at our space in Poplar.

Here's some more info on the film:

"In 1969, a small group of leftist college student radicals announced their intentions to overthrow the U.S. government in opposition to the Vietnam War. This documentary explores the rise and fall of this radical movement as former members speak candidly about the passion that drove them at the time. The film also explores the group in the context of other social movements of the time, featuring interviews with former members of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Black Panther Party..."

The film can be watched here. It's often the discussion afterward that is as interesting as the events themselves - our events are free, open to all and we would be pleased to see you at any of them.