A Perisher's Nostalgia: Books and Art — Some Smacks on a Relational Crisis

Have You Ever Read A Book?

Evening Class takes open Thursdays on the road, this time decamping to the eagerly anticipated: The Mos Bootyful Swiz Buks of da Yar.

A yearly gathering of ageing objectophiles, TMBSB provides the perfect nomadic outing for a discussion of Designer/Publisher/Schnapps addict Christoph Keller's text 'A Perisher's Nostalgia: Books and Art – A relational Crisis'. A link to the text can be found here.

We will mainly be discussing 'Back to the library' and 'The crisis of the art book'.
Everyone welcome.

Meeing at 7pm, Umlaut Space, 3 Fashion Street, E1 6PX